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I Recommend Blogger where you can create a free blog and as it is google's product you can make money using Google Adsense easily. So it works better than other freeware with any Google products. Blogger is best for blogging purpose, easy to use, and totally free unless you want to use premium upgrade.
But to be recognized, to be known as professional you have to buy your own domain name. I suggest you to learn it first if you get grip and confidence in your work just go for it. You will have awesome future. You need get experience about how to get large traffic towards your site. By that time you might have earned good enough to have your own domain name. Keep updating your site constantly. Don't loose Traffic.
I currently use Blogger. It is so user friendly. There is other option for blogging too, WordPress.

Blogging in Blogger Tutorials

How to Build Blog in Blogger Add Affiliate Links Add CPA Links Full Tutorials

WordPress :

Best for blogging, eCommerse, easy to use and free to create a website or blog, as it allows you a lot of features for free, like themes, widgets you will love it. WordPress has a downloadable blogging. It is the most popular and stable blogging platform.

There is huge difference between and : :

Weebly :

It is the easiest way to create a website, store or blog. Good to have eCommerse. It is having great templates but limited editing options. :

It also has variety of nice tools and good for free sites but not for blogging. It is favorite website for many, more popular, can be a good blogging site, eComerse, high resolution,integrate animation capability, no changing of template ,


Squarespace has the best website building tools and various great high resolution templates. You can edit templates and the pics as you want. You don't need Third party softwares assistence. It has very smooth drag and drop, user-friendly website builder features. It supports eCommerse, blogging, website professional Business owners website building many more.

This platform is not free. Although you get a short trail period to test and make sure that you feel comfortable. You have to pay for basic plan as well as premium plan. But I am sure It is worth to go for if you have a surplus money with you. If you don't have than don't worry you have Blogger in support with you. just go for it.

Simplesite :

Make A Free Website (With Your Own Domain)

Tumblr : 

This blogging platform is a social network blog.



How to Build Blog Add Affiliate Links Add CPA Links Full Tutorials

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