Sell Photos online for Money

Photography is an Art, takes immense patience to have masterpiece

how to make money from selling photos online

Photo sale

This has two-part

  •     Photographic prints
  •     Digital media such as for stock

Fine Arts America / Pixels :

They sell your images on a whole range of products such as on canvas, pillows, Dovet covers, mobile cases, portable charger cases and all types of other prints. Metal prints, framed prints,  posters and many more options. In this case your not selling your photos it is some kind of publicity and if your photo is chosen by any customer than it will be automatically redirected to printers and you will get the amount that you tag a price.
SmugMug, DeviantArt, Zazzle

   Have your own portfolio here to be recognized

  1. 500px Prime  It takes 30% commission per photo sale

  1. Shutter stock  It has even refer and earn program, It takes 63% commission per photo sale

  1. Smug Mug  It takes 15% commission per photo sale

  1. Photo shelter 

  1. Stocksy It takes 50% commission per photo sale

  1.  iStockphotos  It takes 55% 80% commission per photo sale

  1.  Fotolia 

  1.  Alamy 

  1.  Flickr 

  1.  Dreamstime 

  1.  Etsy  It keeps 20 cents + 3.5% commission On each sale very least pricing. But here You need to put an extra amount of time to know photo purchaser that you are selling pics on Etsy.

Pixieset :

Professional photographers prefers Pixieset over PASS. It is mainly a photograph online gallery where photographers can showcase their talent. Pixieset provides online security by restricting online downloads without authorization. Most importantly it gives coziness, a feeling of comfortableness. So more visitors more sales. Pixieset have partnerships with various printers, so when someone makes an order, than order is automatically directed to printers, who makes it and shipped to the customer. You will get your cut as you set.

    Here is the list of the apps you should install to sell pictures:

  • Foap My favorite one

    If you are a photographer, decided to be a professional photographer and make it as a career. You can not directly land on the world of photography and start selling them. Beginner has to showcase their talent on social media. Share pics & videos with your friends and family spread them as much as possible.

    Promote yourself by taking pics & videos in wedding ceremony, public programs. Send pics to news paper, by this you get more popularity. You may get job offer from the news printers, TV channels, may be from private companies. Have your own Blog and YouTube channel, mean while you can monetize both by Google Ad-sense. You can follow my YouTube channel regarding about it. Be assistant to someone great professional photographer, so that you will get better view of photography and respect in the society for your work. But you can build your life without anyone's support also for that you need hard work. Its not like you alone can not climb the hill. I mean you will have lesser risk, sooner the popularity.

 *Photler :

Your own website is the most powerful tool for your online presence as a photographer. simple website creation and promotion tool for photographers. Photler does not charge you any commission on sales that you make on your site. You can start your free account your.

You can even go for Blogging in Blogger which has great templates for free.


Video sale

Mp4 format is great which can be played by default in all media players. 

  • pay per stream, 
  • pay-per-download


It takes the customer to the download page immediately after purchase. This is a great selling point.


It is perfect site you are looking for. Create an online store,sell from your website and through social media. sell anything including digital downloads where you can upload your videos and then share selling info in social media.

Streaming Video Provider

 This company is decent. All revenue goes to you. And the service is quite stable, which is something really important these days.

Vidapp mobile App to sell videos online

You can Sell a video course on Udemy

Vimeo : It takes 10% commission per sale

PivotShare : It takes 30% commission per sale

VOD Platform, Video on Demand Platforms to Sell Videos. It is the most relevant technology to provide video monetization process for educational video content, it takes 0% commission per sale

Tawzer Dog : It  takes  0% commission per sale

If you really have great content in videos than better to start blogging in blogger which is free product of Google. You may buy domain and can have professional blog later on by upgrading to premium blog platform.

Side by side run your own YouTube channel. Make videos go viral than surely you can expect great income in return.

Monetize your blog and YouTube channel by Google Adsense. You may even join some affiliate marketing programs to get additional income. CPA marketing program yield better income and easier than affiliate program.

So totally you can earn by Blog plus YouTube plus Google Adsense plus affiliate program plus CPA program. You need to viral your blog and YouTube channel. If you have great friend circle it's well and good it is easy. Otherwise you need to go for paid add promotion through Google Adwords.

**I have covered everything in my YouTube channel. You may wish to take a look.

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